By May 16, 2012

International Anklebiter Illustrator Day – Repost

Zak, the author of the very entertaining and insightful Playing D&D With Porn Stars blog, created an event called International Anklebiter Illustrator Day.

You should read the whole article, but here’s the idea:

Find a young person (probably the younger, the better) to draw two pictures for your role playing game. The first picture can be anything you want. As Zak states, it could be redrawing a crappy map for you, or drawing a special item you found. Maybe it could be your character. The second drawing must be a Displacer beast, which sort of resembles a cat with tentacles.

For their work, each young artist is to receive $1USD (or local equivalent) for each drawing.

My current D&D character is a nihilistic, dirty shaman. He has an object called a Hungry Spirits Totem that unleashes the grumpy spirits of his ancestors under certain conditions. I am not really sure what that is supposed to look like, but in my mind I see a totem pole with Scooby-Doo style giant goofy screaming mouths. I figured this would be a great item for Sedagive?’s six year old son to draw.

Drawings are supposed to be uploaded by May 29. You can forward your links on to Zak via his blog, or just keep the artwork to yourself.

I know a lot of you play D&D — this is a fun thing to do and I hope some of my other readers participate.

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