By February 5, 2010

International Veterinary Sciences Anti-Gas Dog Pill Review

Here’s the raw truth. My dog Pearl eats poop. I’ve tried adding stuff to the dog’s food to make their bombs taste worse (?) and that didn’t work. There’s a new plan of attack coming online soon, but in the meantime we have to deal with the only thing worse than a dog eating poop: the gas and belching that accompanies it.

Enter the International Veterinary Sciences Anti-Gas pill for dogs. Purchased from Wal-Mart, the pill

is a pleasant tasting tablet specially formulated to promote healthy digestion and curb unpleasant gassy odors.

Does the product live up to it’s claim? Let’s break down the above sentence one bit at a time.
Please let me in dad, I promise I won’t fart aga–whoops.

  1. Pleasant tasting. Well, it could be flavored like shit — literally — and Pearl would eat it. She seems super proud of herself that she gets a “special cookie” just like her older sister Rosie. However, I don’t think this is really a selling point for my dogs since I don’t have any problems giving them medication.
  2. Promotes healthy digestion. In the human world, folks burp if they ate too much. If they ate something that doesn’t agree with them the toot-toot train goes on tour. When I read the pill packaging, I thought that this implied Pearl’s stomach would settle down and she’d stop burping and farting. After giving Pearl a twice-daily dose for a week, what the label actually meant was “product may help your dog process eaten feces in order to fart even more efficiently than before.”
  3. Curb unpleasant gassy ordors. I don’t know how to be polite about this part, so I’ll just come out and say it: the product doesn’t do a damn thing to reduce the frequency, number, or potency of Pearl’s shitwind. It was just as bad smelling as before and like I said above may have actually caused her to pass gas more than before.

I have a few tricks up my sleeves to reduce Pearl’s nasty habit, and by extension, her gas. In the meantime, the International Veterinary Sciences anti-gas pill for dogs was absolutely worthless.

Not recommended.

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  1. christine says:

    I have been using this for my two dobermans for the past two weeks, granted they don’t eat poop, but they do or I should say did have terrible terrible foul smelling gas…all the time… now we only get a rare fart from one dog or the other. So maybe it depends on ‘
    the individual dog and what is causing the gas.