By June 17, 2008

Is it really that scary?

I rode home from work in a thunderstorm yesterday. It wasn’t nearly as bad as my return leg home from New York state in 2006, but it was rainy enough that I wanted to get home sooner than later. I was on Cylon, and although he is less prone to being pushed around by the wind, he doesn’t do as good a job at blocking the rain as Raptor does.

I am always baffled by peoples’ reaction to driving in the rain. Yes, I can understand slowing down to allow a greater stopping distance. This is important, especially on a motorcycle. I only have two wheels, and they can either brake or turn effectively at any given time. What boggles me is that people were bunched up just as closely as ever yesterday, but slowed down to about thirty miles an hour.

The rain wasn’t so heavy that I couldn’t see. At 30MPH there isn’t enough force to blow the rain off, so the rain really was pretty light. Honestly, I don’t know what the big deal was except that there was lightning off in the distance and thunder.

Then, just as inexplicably as it began, traffic loosened up and I was doing 80MPH again. I zipped past the storm and had dry pavement all the way home. Turns out the traffic cluster was going almost the exact speed of the storm, and by fucking around at half the speed limit we were exposing ourselves (in my case, literally) to more bad driving conditions.

The more I ride, the more I think people should sit on a bike for two years before they qualify to drive a car. At best, it would help people appreciate actually paying attention when they are operating a vehicle. At worst, they’ll smash into something and we won’t have to worry about them doing other stupid shit on the road.

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