By September 13, 2010

Is That a Katydid On Your Chair, or You Just Happy to See Me?

Sedagive? and I do a kettlebell routine three nights a week here at the house. We clear the furniture out of the living room, including two upholstered chairs. I went to replace them when we were done, and I noticed a very bright green leaf on top of one of them. I reached out to bat the leaf off.

And then it moved.

Not like, “strong air pressure generated by Dr Faulken’s manly hand” move, but “omg please don’t smash me” move.

Turn out it was a katydid. He probably flew in while we were letting the dogs in and out of the house.

He was about a two inches long — well beyond my typical tolerances for hand-to-bug contact. I retrieved a drinking glass and a post card. I scooted the fella up into the glass, covered the mouth of the glass with the post card, and let him go outside.

I didn’t think to take any good pictures of him in the house. I was afraid it was going to jump into the air and start to fly (again). I spooked it accidentally and it almost flew into Sedagive?’s helmet.

Here he is outside:

I used to see these all the time in Utah. I also saw a lot of praying mantises there, and in Oregon as well. I saw them every once in awhile here in Virginia, but nothing like this year. So far I’ve seen a two praying mantises, including the biggest one I’ve ever seen at about three and a half inches. I’ve also spied at least a half dozen of katydids.

So, why so many this year? We had a pretty intense snowfall (for Virginia), and the winter was a little colder than usual. On the other hand, the summer has been hotter than usual, breaking several records. I wonder if the environment has been just right to allow the proliferation of big, green bugs.

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  1. Mike says:

    Back when I was living in reston I came across a praying mantis in the parking lot of the hockey rink near my house. Dude was at LEAST 6 inches long head to bum, with huge legs. It might have been bigger. No exaggeration.

    So I’m walking towards the entrance of the hockey rink with my big hockey bag and a couple of sticks when I see this guy in the middle of the road. I think to myself “HOLY HELL!” and start to make a wide circle around it. But the little bastard has me in his sights. As I start to go around he shuffles to his right to get in front of me. When I stop the fucker turns his head to the side a little as if to say “Nice try, but I’ve got you figured out.” So I try to go around the other way…and that little prick shuffled to his left to cut me off again.

    I was in a stalemate with a 6 inch long praying mantis!

    Anyway, I was able to use my slightly larger gray matter to my advantage as I took a larger circle around the guy the other way. But it was the oddest experience with an insect I’ve ever had. The thing literally was trying to get in my way and block me from going by. Ballsy little bastard!

    At least he didn’t eat me.

  2. DrFaulken says:

    Did you consider cross-checking it into the boards?