By October 8, 2005

It was a dark and stormy night

I had a fun time up in Rockville today, but damn was it a tough trip. I had a great time having coffee and dinner with , and then it was off to The Captain’s house for a night of AD&D alongside cymwyd, configuratrix, and the whole rest of the colorful group. Talk about a cliffhanger — we were poised right outside the door of our archenemy when we broke for the evening! I’ll be in California during our next session, so hopefully the group can handle the bad guys without me 🙂

The trip back was brutal. Not as many wrecks — just two — but visibility was horrible. At times I was driving by braille, using the bumpers on the lane markers to feel my way around at 70MPH. The first wreck was, again, a single car incident. A rear wheel drive generation one Eagle Talon or Mitsubishi Eclipse probably got a little sideways on a slick spot, gassed it, and wound up spinning around and slamming into the left hand lane divider. The car ended up in the shoulder, facing oncoming traffic.

The next accident was much closer to Richmond, and as far as I could tell only involved one vehicle. It was a bad one, though. I couldn’t really tell because I was trying to pay attention to the road, but at least one car had driven far off the left hand side of the road, and had hit a tree head-on. The tree was felled onto the left lane of the highway, and the air smelled like gasoline. About a hundred yards past the wreck there was an empty shoe in the middle lane. Hopefully it wasn’t on someone’s foot when the accident happened, although I have heard of people’s footwear being blown off of their feet during high-speed, high-impact accidents.

Here’s what I had to deal with — mostly moderate rain, with periods of visibility down to 20 feet. I definitely could have used fog lights tonight!

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  1. configuratrix says:

    Glad you got back safely.

  2. cymwyd says:

    We’ll probably skip AD&D this next gaming session – can’t imagine handling Loripete without our favorite “troll” 😉