By January 20, 2009

It was not a booty text

I got this text message over the weekend from “Marietta”:

( Gail said you would really want to see that site

I was obviously suspicious, but the text was relevant enough as to be an actual text. I don’t know a Marietta, but I do know a Gail from the contract prior to my current position. isn’t an obvious porn site or [email protected] Y0r P3||1$ spam message. So I did a search on Google, and sure enough: it’s spam.

This is the first spam text message I’ve ever gotten. I imagine that there is a program that tries every possible phone combination, and sends it via a bulk email to Verizon’s or equivalent.

I get tons of spam messages a day via email and blog comments, and they have been getting progressively better crafted. I admire the social engineering aspect of this one … what if someone knew a Marietta and a Gail? Pretty slick.

On the downside, those of you without a text plan may pay $0.10 or up to $0.25 to get this unsolicited note in your inbox. I wonder what Verizon has to say ….

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