By April 14, 2009

It’s not you, it’s me

Have you ever gone to a favorite Web site, only to see a cryptic error instead of a blog about zombies, motorcycles, and guns? Worried that your connection is jacked, or curious if the Web site is down? Check out Down For Everyone or Just Me, a Web site that attempts to contact the same Web site you are.

If it’s down for them also, you’ll see this:

if the site is up for them, you’ll see this:

I use this with (unfortunately) some regularity when Gibberish gets linked somewhere and the site starts to stutter. I recently upgraded my server’s CPU and RAM allocations at DreamHost, but it’s still good to know if the site is down for everyone, or just me.

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  1. Configures says:

    How handy! I used to use links/links via my shell ISP to double-check how my domain was doing, but my current employer blocks them (the ISP) for some reason.