By March 5, 2008

Jalopnik’s Top Ten Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles

Thanks to Father for sending along Jalopnik’s top ten post-apocalyptic vehicles. The article has some pretty wild vehicles on there, most notably the bullet-shaped Dobbertin Surface Orbiter.

I’d easily pick the Volvo C303 and the SportsMobile van over any of the other vehicles in the article. I was surprised that the Land Rover Defender wasn’t on the list, tricked out with a snorkel and high-lift. I realize the Jalopnik article is tongue in cheek, but there are better bug out vehicles to put on that list other than a beefed-up RV.

The Sisu XA-185 is an interesting vehicle, but the triple axles and gross weight make me wonder if you’d have to have a commercial driver’s license to legally pilot one.

I still think the 1995 Mitsubishi Montero now owned by my niece is about all the average person would need in a bugout situation. The Monty needs a roof rack, high lift jack, and a tail rack to hold gas cans, but aside from that it’s ready to rumble.

I might take on a BOV project for next spring, maybe with a budget of $5000 or less. 🙂

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  1. Father says:

    I thought that would make for some interesting reading; glad to see it made it into the blog! You’re right about the simpler vehicles being the most practical, with Monty being a good example (complete with theft-deterrent starter issues). However, the Sisu can’t be beat for post-apoc fantasy vehicle: there’s just something about avoiding capture by driving into a body of water, then firing on your oppressors with your roof-mounted machine gun as you float by them (all while your crazy yellow flashing roof light spins…wtf).

  2. Bond says:

    I voted for the Sisu, however, I’d take a Stryker since it has 0 openings, can survive NBC attacks and has remote video driving and gunning.