By August 6, 2013

Jawbone UPdate

Sedagive?’s Jawbone UP biometric tracking band died on July 26th. We immediately contacted customer service at Jawbone.

Jawbone was pretty prompt to respond — initial contact from us was on July 26th, and they sent us a replacement on July 29th. The replacement UP seems to be working so far. This validates my belief that the Jawbone’s headphone jack died.

I only have three minor points of criticism:

  1. The Jawbone customer service team initially sent us a scripted response. It was very obvious that they didn’t read our email at all, and they told us to do the same steps that we described in our initial email. However, I know how customer service works and this wasn’t completely unexpected. Just impersonal and a little sloppy.
  2. They sent us a refurbished unit. Also pretty common treatment. Still, I don’t like trading in a new unit for a defective one. The refurb carries a 90 day warranty or the balance of original warranty (one year).
  3. The communication between Jawbone and Sedagive? was unclear. They told her that the replacement band would ship in 2 days. What was unsaid was that sending the replacement band over FedEx Ground would take an additional period of time — in our case, almost another week. It would have been more clear to tell Sedagive? to expect her replacement band within 5 – 7 business days.

It’s day one with the replacement band, and Sedagive? is happily tracking her steps and her sleep again. I felt kind of guilty talking about my stats while she sat next to me bare-wristed and Down instead of Up.

Here’s to a better unit this time.


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