By October 6, 2005

Joy rides

Something has changed during my motorcycle rides over the last two days. I’ve been able to see more of the road. I’ve shifted more smoothly between first and second gears. I’ve taken turns more aggressively, leaning with the bike instead of sitting stiffly upright.

More importantly, I’ve been having fun.

I took the bike out three times today — one pure fun/skill building ride through a housing development not too far from our place, once to the gym, and then once again to the grocery store. Lady Jaye lent me her Victorinox backpack, and boy is it perfect for riding.

I feel a lot more comfortable on the bike, and that’s making everything easier. There is a monster uphill-to-right-turn stoplight that I will have to take frequently, and it’s tough to make it under pressure without jolting the bike or stalling it while the light is green. The more I ride around, the more confident I become, and the safer I feel on Cylon.

I’m also a little concerned about my comfort level. Most motorcycle accidents that occur solo happen during turns, where the rider is overconfident and runs out of road or whatever. Ending up in a tree is not my idea of a good time. I don’t want to become too confident on the bike.

I’ll log another day of riding before heading up to Rockville on Friday for games at The Captain’s. Hopefully the weather will hold and I’ll be able to ride a little more tomorrow than I did today 🙂

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  1. a_sleepy_panda says:

    You now need to make mods to your bike to make that weird Cylon sound and change your headlight to red.