By July 25, 2008

KitchenAid sponge holder review

Snap. My flimsy sponge holder snapped at an arm, rendering it into a $2 suction-cup-and-plastic piece of garbage. Oh well. I was headed to Target anyway.

Target, in an effort to distance themselves from Wal*Mart as a “bargain” store, refuses to carry any sponge holders at less than $7. I know, because I bought the cheapest one I could find. I didn’t want a stainless steel sponge holder, or a combo dish drying rack plus sponge holder plus time machine.

The KitchenAid holder I bought spoke to my consumer emotions. It was more than $2, so it had to be good, right? It was made of thick plastic, so it had to be tough, right? And with giant, over-engineered suction cups it had to stick better than that $2 piece of shit I got at Wal*Mart, right?

That’s right. I got Jedi mind-tricked into buying a seven dollar piece of plastic to hold a sponge in my kitchen sink.

Behold the KitchenAid in action. Notice three things. One, the holder is crooked. Two, only one of the suction cups actually worked. Three, my sink was a total shithole at the time of this picture. I’ve cleaned it since taking the photo. I promise.

Such was the crooked state of affairs after about one hour of use. The left suction cup was warped, and recessed just enough that it never fully made contact with the sink wall. I could get it to brush up against the sink but after five or ten minutes the left side would sag.

The same Hulk-smash tough exterior worked against me as I tried to fix the sponge holder. I couldn’t get an object into push the suction cup out any further, and I couldn’t pull the suction cup out in the hope of replacing it with one that wasn’t warped. I tried prying the holder open just a little but it was just so damn overbuilt I was afraid I would skip over “prying” and go right to “snapping.”

I retired the KitchenAid after trying to convince myself that it was okay to have a tilted sponge holder. One half-penny suction cup rendered it into a $7 suction-cup-and-plastic piece of garbage. Oh well. I was headed to Wal*Mart anyway.

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  1. Starbuck says:

    I can assure everyone that the sink is now clean. I looked at it the other day when I was watching the dogs and thought, “that looks different.” I realized it was clean…hehehe 🙂