By September 5, 2005


Or, at least our zip code. Probably.

Tonight, Lady Jaye broke the Level 100 barrier at Lumines, the premier game of the PSP. She actually made it to level 119 — we thought she would clear the game at this point but the different colored squares continued to assail her until she could no longer continue.

Level 100 is a huge accomplishment in Lumines, one because it’s the last level-based unlockable in Challenge Mode (the main way to play) and also because just to get to Level 100 requires well over an hour of continual play without error. Lady Jaye estimates it took her 90 minutes of play time to get to Level 100. At that level, the blocks and the tempo are extremely unforgiving. Lady Jaye let me “take over” for her at Level 67 one evening and I had things completely fucked up by Level 72, when I lost.

Her final score for the evening was a staggering 348,853 points, crushing her previous best ever score of 269,798. My personal best is slightly over 93,000 points. I have long been bumped off of the top 10 board, and only “LADY JAYE” and her little scorpion icon remain.

So, no other reason for this post except to brag on my honey. Bond and Cleopatra will understand first hand what an accomplishment this is, since they’ve been hooked to some extent by the Lumines lure.

Good job, baby — but just wait until I’m stuck on a plane for 13 hours without you to keep me company 🙂

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