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Let’s play a game: in-stock or not?

Let’s play a game. Pretend you are shopping for a Star Modelo B 9mm pistol on the Web site of Southern Ohio Guns, a major firearms distributor. You have an account with them. You see some handguns as listed as “out of stock,” and other handguns have a price next to them.

You click on the “Star Bm 9MM Blue W/1 8Rnd Mag” link and see this:

Question: Is the Star Modelo B 9mm available for purchase?

If you answered “yes,” then you are wrong. Nine days after playing my order, I received this email:

Unfortunately, we are out of stock on both items you were wanting. Is there another item you might be interested in? Please email me at sale[email protected] or contact me at ext XXX if you have any questions. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks, SOG, Txxxx

(I x-ed out the extension and name on purpose).

Now, SoG just relaunched their Web site not too long ago, and it has a bunch of really cool features. It has a wish list, a recently ordered list, and a recently viewed list. As a Web usability nerd, these things really impress me. What doesn’t impress me is a sketchy inventory system. If the Star (and the other firearms I ordered, omitted for this write up) were out of stock, then why aren’t they listed as such, when there other items are listed as out of stock?

I don’t mind that the majority of their items don’t have pictures, and understand the new site is coming online gradually …. But why not just wait a little longer to make everything right, including the inventory status?

Also, why should I wait nine calendar days to be told my items are out of stock?

The new SoG may look better and have cool features, but until the inventory status is updated I won’t place another order from them. Shame.

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  1. Spectre says:

    It is kinda annoying that it’s harder to get guns now, but then again I do understand it as the new version of the Klinton “Assault Weapon” Ban being considered by our Farce in Chief.

    I remember it being fairly easy to get guns from SOG, and having them fairly cheap. Oh well, hopefully things will be getting better with out having to wait 4 to 8 years.