By May 6, 2009

Lift with your legs, not with your back

Due to the increase of ammunition prices and a desire to start shooting more, I have started reloading my own cartridges again. There is one big difference between now and when I last reloaded about thirteen years ago — you can’t find ammunition components to save your life. Primers are especially hard to come by, but even copper jacketed bullets in my preferred calibers (.40 S&W and .45 Auto) are scarce.

I wound up ordering some lead semi-wad cutter bullets to make practice ammunition from the Missouri Bullet Company. There are several things that make them a great company to deal with, but I am only going to write about three right now:

  1. They have many items in stock, unlike other manufacturers.
  2. They fulfilled my order quickly — my items shipped within a business day of ordering.
  3. They offer low shipping prices: my order was just a touch under $11 shipped.

I was a little curious about that last bit, because shipping on everything has gotten more expensive lately. I ordered 2,000 bullets, and expected the shipping cost to be much higher. I was puzzled about how inexpensive the shipping was, especially since Missouri Bullet said my order would arrive in two to three days.

The mystery was solved when an innocent-looking package arrived via a USPS Priority Mail flat rate box two days later.

USPS offers a flat rate service: anything you can cram in the box ships at the same cost, no matter what. I’ve only bought something once before that was delivered via flat rate Priority. It was about 4,000 cards for the game Magic: the Gathering. I thought that was pretty ingenious then and laughed a little when I opened the box to see it crammed full of playing cards. When I opened my order from Missouri Bullet I felt really sorry for the postal carrier.

The only tip-off that the package was super heavy was the word “HeAVy” feebly scrawled on the top of the box. The author was probably doubled over in pain from the hernia they got from lifting the box the first time. I put the box on my postal scale. The postal scale let out a series of painful beeps and I dragged the box off. It was too heavy for my scale. “What the deuce?” I thought. My postal scale topped out at fifty pounds.

I checked the label on the flat rate box. Fifty-four pounds.

Great googly moogly. Two things ran through my mind: My postal carrier is a frail-looking lady in her fifties. How in the hell did she manage to get the package onto my porch?

The second thing I thought about were kettlebells. My Missouri Bullet order was fifty-four pounds. The suggested weight of my kettlebell was fifty-three pounds. There is no way I could see myself swinging this weight from a squat position over my head twenty times in a row. Well, not now anyway.

So, what does fifty-four pounds of lead bullets look like?

Poor postal carrier. I really hope she lifted with her legs, not with her back.

And good on Missouri Bullet for completely beating the system at their own game. Genius.

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3 Comments on "Lift with your legs, not with your back"

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  1. Spectre says:

    Be careful of those .40 lead bullets. Glock specifically tells their customers to NOT shoot non-jacketed lead ammunition in their firearms.
    Lead ammo is the main cause of chamber and barrel ruptures in Glocks because of their unsupported chambers. Not saying it will happen but if the manufacturer says not to do it its a good bet it shouldn’t be done.

    Also on a different note, do you have a membership at the Gym at UofR?
    I saw a guy there that looked like you, wanted to say something but didn’t want to look like a jackass if I was wrong.

  2. drfaulken says:

    Hey Spectre,

    Thanks for the reminder. I shot non-jacketed reloads through my G27 in the past, but don’t shoot too many rounds per session and use a special lead remover in addition to my normal cleaning routine.

    Your instincts were right — it was not me at UofR. Would have been cool to bump into you, though. 🙂

  3. TheRock says:

    I’ve got a couple of casting machines now and I hope to be entering production pretty soon.

    I’m probably going to be out in Powhatan since Chesterfield isn’t being helpful with zoning.