By December 27, 2005


Hi everyone, hope you had a pleasant Christmas holiday. I scored some fantastic loot this year from my gal Lady Jaye, and the goodie I’ve had the most fun with so far is my Taiko Drum Master game from Namco for the PS2. I’ll do a full report on the game at a later date, but the jist of the game is you beat the Japanese drum along with the music. It’s a lot like Donkey Konga, which I also own and love very much. Here’s the drum controller:

I also got a Dance, Dance Revolution game and two dance pads, so someone else can make a fool out of themselves alongside me 😉 Lady Jaye also gave me a black cast iron Japanese tea pot and two Japanese tea mugs with 37 as-yet-unidentified ronin/samurai looking fellows on them. Awesome! I also got an auto-balancing laser-leveller to help me hang stuff around the house, and hopefully shoot down ex-Soviet nuclear missles. We cleaned up with the folks, also: a toasty down comforter from my family, gift cards to Target and Lowe’s, games, oh my!

How’d you make out this year (with presents, not with your cousin)?

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  1. configuratrix says:

    Best present: the book on rhyming for my bard.

    Honorable Mentions:
    The teacup/lid/saucer and Bubba Ho-Tep dvd from my world-travelling sis were thoughtful as well.

    One of my nieces slept on an Aerobed in her mom’s room so I would have a room to myself while visiting my family.


  2. cymwyd says:

    My #1 fave is the gorgeous platter I got from kamikaze_conejos; I’m planning on serving pesto pasta sometime soon to friends, just to show it off!

    My #2 would be the arepera I got from my sister; look for arepas to accompany the next batch of chile!

    A31415rateKing clearly thinks my wardrobe needs enhancing – lots of new clothes from him 😉