By December 10, 2006

Love 'em and leaf 'em

Lady Jaye and I finally got rid of our metric shit-ton of leaves that we acquired today. We’d been setting out five to ten bags of leaves a week with our garbage until we broke down and put the remaining 130 bags of leaves in a seventeen foot U-Haul truck and took them to the dump. Between our bags and the cedar trees Duke and his wife Pixie cut down, we completely filled the truck.

I’ll save you the blow-by-blow on how we got rid of them all. I’m just happy they’re gone, and the remaining leaves should be much more manageable.

Edit: after discussing this with my stepsister The Red I’ve decided a few details were worth mentioning:

  • We had maggots in at least one bag of leaves. Mmm.
  • We disposed of approximately 4800 gallons of leaves.
  • The water that poured out of the bags was the color of Coca-cola, and had a sweet skank that almost made me wretch a few times.

And to think of all the money we saved this year by not having people come out and do all of this for us!! :groan:

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