By July 1, 2006

Maryland Firehouse Kitchen Gets Maxwell House Makeover

Ivan the firefighter (actual name and job) was a regular at Lady Jaye’s old stomping grounds up in Maryland. His Columbia, Maryland firestation was a regional finalist in Maxwell House’s Kitchen Makeover, and the APB went out to go online and vote. Nearly 80,000 votes were cast online, with Ivan’s firehouse winning one of 10 national makeovers.

Each firehouse was given a budget of $10,000. Regional interior designers and contractors were contacted to volunteer their time. As the two ladies in charge of the redesign mentioned, people were eager to help their local firefighters: “A lot of labor was donated and most of the people involved said, ‘For a fire station, sure I’ll do it for free.’ We were very fortunate.”

The story linked above is a good, quick read. It details a little bit about what was done, and has a small before and after shot of the kitchen. My favorite tidbit in the article was how, before the makeover, the firehouse would go through three consumer-grade dishwashers a year. Assistant Fire Marshal Megan Morales said that they’d gone through nine dishwashers in her three years at the station. Holy shit! The grant from Maxwell House allowed them to buy a commercial-grade dishwasher, which should hold up much better.

Congrats to Ivan and the other firefighters at CPVFD!

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