By May 11, 2009

May 2009 Tybee road trip, part 1

Quick trip report, so far 🙂
Leaving Richmond Saturday morning — it had rained earlier in the morning but my trip was dry.
Stopped in North Carolina to shake my legs and drink some water and coffee.
The weather heated up pretty quickly and the wind was brutal from North Carolina until I hit Savannah.
Fast forward several windy hours — on the approach to Tybee!
Locals doing the speed limit, but a single lane road and double yellow lines kept me in check. I had waited months to get here, I could wait a few minutes longer.

It’s been been non-stop laughs and goofing off since I got here. I will try to post some more later, but I had a problem with the wireless card on my laptop and it’s hard to post from the “public” machine.

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  1. Bond says:

    Grats on a safe trip down. Please bring some of that weather back with you!

  2. JingJing says:

    Hey, DRFaulken:

    Don’t forget to post up your review on the Turbine jacket! This trip looks like it’s going to be lots of fun!