By February 18, 2013

Mayday Games Magnum Ultra-Fit Copper 65 MM X 100 MM Card Sleeve Review

I recently purchased the card game 7 Wonders. The cards in that game are sized differently than most games. The 7 Wonders cards are taller and a little wider than, say, Magic the Gathering cards or the cards found in Quarriors, etc.

I searched Amazon for cards that would fit 7 Wonders, and I found the “Magnum” Ultra-Fit cards made by Mayday Games. They were supposed to be 65mm x 100mm and would fit the 7 Wonders game. In fact, it says so right on the product packaging:


Like most cases, any time something or someone claims to be super large, it turns out to be super disappointing.


Simply put, the sleeves are too narrow to fit the card. You could really force the card in there, but doing so would cause the card to bend and warp, like this:


At $4 a pack, these cards weren’t going to break the bank. However, if you buy them from an e-tailer that doesn’t offer to pay return shipping it may cost more to ship the cards back than it’s worth. Amazon is going to pay the shipping cost, so I will get all of my cash back. Buyer beware.

Not recommended

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