By September 14, 2006


No, not the Mazda car of the same name, but the same feeling: miata is a Japanese expression of the union between horse and rider. I’m going to need a whole lotta miata when I make my trip up to central New York in less than two weeks. It’s a projected ten hours or more in the saddle of my FZ6. So far my longest trip has been less than three hours from here to the metro Washington, DC area.

On the plus side, my newly-installed GIVI hard luggage will allow me to carry more goodies in rainproof containers. I might need to pack a pillow for my ass ;). I also have a Throttle Rocker, which allows me to control Cylon’s speed with the palm of my hand, instead of having to grip the throttle for ten hours. I also did a ghettomod of the stock FZ6 seat by installing some memory foam where my butt goes. I’m not sure if it’s going to make a big difference in my left foot going numb or not every 45 minutes or so, but we’ll see.

On the down side, I’m scheduling a stop every hour or hour and a half. One, because I expect my butt to be tired; two, because I drink a lot of water and will need to pee frequently. I am anticipating twelve or more total hours of travel time. I’m starting to think I might want to break this up into two days, but that also means the return trip will take two days. Maybe I’ll try to cram it all into one day on the way up, and see if I can do a repeat when my trip is over.

My biggest concern is that I haven’t been riding very much recently. Hurricane Ernesto dumped some steady rain on us for almost a week. I was green-lit to ride after the weather cleared, but then the whole hardbag installation ordeal kept me grounded. I am planning a trip up to DC next week, which should give me some much-needed highway time. I might try to do that trip without a break, to try out my new seat modifications.

Regardless, I’m really excited about my trip. I’ll get a chance to ride in a lot of different places, and in the company of my stepfather (once I arrive in NY). I’m still thinking of a way to post from the road, maybe through my mobile phone. We’ll see how the new seat works on Wednesday, that will allay a lot of my concern.

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