By December 20, 2005

Micro Touch Trimmer Review

One of the benefits (?) of being a night owl is that I get to see all sorts of late night wacky television commercials. From Space Age Memory Foam to vacuum cleaners that cut your hair, I’ve seen just about everything. The Micro Touch Trimmer had such a horribly cheesy ad campaign that I rolled my eyes every time it came on. The actors were straight out of the 80s and as usual, the ad promised the Micro Touch could do everything, from shave your nose hair to cure cancer.

The next thing I knew, I saw the Micro Touch in lots of places. I saw it at Target, Wal*Mart, CVS, and of course, during late night television. After passing by the Micro Touch display for the 50th time at Target I decided to buy one. It was $10, and it seemed like a good compliment to my already self-service haircut toolkit. I was able to get my head, back of my neck, and certain large area of my body (underarms, not that large area of my body) with the traditional barber’s electric trimmer. I had to rely on scissors to trim near my ears. And regarding that other large area of my body … let’s just say I was being VERY careful with the electric trimmer.

I was surprised by the Micro Touch. I half expected it to self destruct once it came into contact with my manly follicles, but the little trimmer cut my sideburns, monobrow, nose hairs, and uh, my somewhat private area with aplomb. The Micro Touch gets its name from being gentle and resistant to cutting the skin. Unless you poke yourself with the jagged teeth of the trimmer, I’d agree with the Micro Touch product marketing. I’ve never nicked myself with the Micro Touch, which is something I’ve managed to do twice with the full sized trimmer (don’t ask). The Micro Touch trims very close to the skin line, although not as close as the regular shears.

The Micro Touch is powered by two AA batteries (not included). It is of adequate build quality, although my first one broke after about a year. It’s about the size of a thick pen, and travels easily. The trimming part is covered by a plastic barrel. Cleaning the razor is easily accomplished by sliding up a plastic latch and removing an upper section of the trimmer.

This is a must have grooming aid. Even if you get your hair cut at a barber/stylist, you can always use a little touch up here and there. And I am picturing some of you in my mind, and I know you can use a little deforestation between the brows, the nose, your feet, and god knows where else.

Cuts evildoers down to size:

  • Compact, easy to manipulate trimmer for those hard to reach or sensitive areas
  • Miserly — I’ve had my current Micro Touch for over a year and have yet to change batteries, and I cut my hair every two weeks
  • Gentle. The Micro Touch can be used around the manbag without fear of ripping yourself open
  • Powerful enough to trim all sorts of hair

Cut it out

  • My first Micro Touch just stopped working one day. Your mileage may vary. At $10 a pop it wasn’t a big deal for me to throw the dead one in the trash and buy a new one at Target
  • The plastic latch that holds the upper section together can sometimes vibrate open. When this happens, the trimmer keeps running but it stops cutting hair. Again, not a big deal, but it happens frequently enough that it’s worth mentioning.

Micro Touch Trimmer, I dub thee:

Four and a half out of five STFU mugs!

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