By May 18, 2007

Mission failed

Mimicking the success of last winter, I hoped to log another 3000 miles on my motorcycle Cylon before April of 2007. Due to bad weather grounding opportunities to motor to DC and the fear of reoccuring exposure on my foot suffered during 2005 I barely managed 1800 miles during my “winter miles” challenge of 2006/2007.

The bright, shining spot amidst my failure was my motorcycle trip to Tybee Island, Georgia in March. A thousand of my winter miles were accumulated on this trip. Thanks to some thick SmartWool snowboarding socks my feet stayed nice and warm, even when the temperature was down to 10°F.

Now that it’s warming up, I’ve been taking Cylon out for more “fun” rides of an hour or less like I did or last year. It’s amazing to see all the construction along the semi-rural routes I found. I will continue to strike out and find new roads to play on, and hopefully I will join my stepfather on a mid-distance trip later this year before it gets too hot. Winter miles may have been a failure, but I’m not hanging up my leathers just yet.

Final 2007 winter miles: 1876.

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