By March 13, 2007

More Tybee Island pictures

Lady Jaye and I are both sick today, so I’m going to post up some pictures that other folks took during my trip to Tybee Island, Georgia. These pictures are all courtesy of bc from Ars Technica.
Maria_Andretti was cold and wanted her jacket — so I crossed the Jundland Wastes to bring it to her.
Me crushing the Tybee light house.
You can take the boy out of Oklahoma, but you can’t take Oklahoma out of the boy. From top to left: Peachious, me, Malyk, and Maria_Andretti.
My next bike, maybe? There were a pair of these at the same playground with the four-way teeter totter.
On my way home, bright and early on Sunday morning.

Thanks again to bc for letting me display these pictures. He took a whole mess of great shots, that you can see here.

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3 Comments on "More Tybee Island pictures"

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  1. Bushputin says:

    You have cultivated quite a beard there, Dude. Nice!

  2. Ed says:

    Both sick! I blame Porter. Poor puppy.

  3. Stomper says:

    Hey don’t blame poor Porter, he covers his mouth/nose when he sneezes and coughs. He follows the manners his mommy taught him.

    Hey if you’re not better tomorrow have some Green Chile Chicken Noodle soup. Lots of vit C and (depending on the “heat”) what doesn’t kill you only makes your stronger!! 🙂