By September 4, 2008

Motoport / Cycleport Ultra II Air Mesh kevlar pants and jacket: take two

My altered Ultra II Air Mesh kevlar jacket and pants arrived while I was away in California last week. The initial order was very mis-sized, and I had sent the jacket back to have it resized, and the knee armor on the pants relocated.

After almost three weeks of waiting, I was really anxious to give the gear another try. Unfortunately there is going to be a Round Three between myself and Motoport.

I’m going to put pictures of the original cut above the revised jacket Cycleport sent me.

Definitely an improvement, but the jacket is still too big. Note how the shoulders are still a little too broad, but check out how much material is still left in the chest:

Side view:

The back:

While I was trying the old jacket on, I cut my cuticle open on the kevlar mesh. A drop of blood found its way to the right chest pocket (the vertical zipper you see in the pictures). Motoport told me that they would take the sleeves off of my old jacket (since they fit well) and put them on a medium-sized body, instead of the original large. I was surprised to see the same blood stain when I got my new jacket (tagged “medium”). When comparing the two pictures it makes me wonder if Cycleport actually gave me a new jacket body or not. The jacket is still so big, particularly in the problem areas, that I am unsure what they did. It seems unlikely that they would sew a different size tag on their jacket, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

I was ready to return the jacket. Wayne (the owner) was very nice and patient with me on the phone, as always. I spent about fifteen minutes on the phone with him yesterday and he convinced me to give them another try. I am sending the jacket back to Motoport one last time.

I will probably get the jacket back in mid-September, which is going to be at the tail end of when I would wear the jacket without either of the liners. Adding the very substantial rain liner and quilted liner helps fill the jacket out from the inside, but doesn’t help the jacket look two sizes too big. As my manager at work said, “you look like a fireman.”

Here’s to hoping things get sorted out.

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3 Comments on "Motoport / Cycleport Ultra II Air Mesh kevlar pants and jacket: take two"

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  1. Peter Karis III says:

    I am interested in purchasing this jacket but cannot find the contact information for the company. Does anybody know how to contact them. Their website seems to be nonexistent.

  2. drfaulken says:

    Hi Peter,

    Their Web site is and it is currently down. This happens often, as Motoport/Cycleport is basically a three person shop and the owner Wayne as stated that he cares little about his Web site.

    The best thing to do is call them. “Luckily” I have their number on speed dial on my mobile: 800.777.6499.

    Motoport may have a great product, and their customer service is good, but their overall consumer experience is quite poor, especially when one is used to conducting business over the Web.

    Good luck, and please keep me posted on what you decide to buy, Motoport or otherwise.

  3. jaybird says:

    that damn jacket is fugly anyway. looks like a junior high home-economics class sewing project. kevlar or not, it’d be a cold day in hell if i’d pay 650 for it. may be tough as nails, but it’s ugly as sin….i think probably the issue here is that this monkeyspank bought an expensive jacket sight unseen, realizes it looks like Linda Blair puked on a long sleeve t-shirt, and now hates it and is trying to force Motoport into taking it back. The fit wasn’t bad if you ask me.