By August 8, 2008

Motoport responds: Ultra Air II fit issues

I talked with Motoport today and the lady on the phone was VERY nice. I expressed my concerns about the jacket fit. She told me they had a 44 chest size on file, which is what I sent them. I measured myself last night after trying on the jacket and found my actual measurement to be a 43. I told her that my Teknic leather jacket is a 44 and fits a bit snug in the shoulders (I have an ape’s arms and back) and couldn’t understand how the difference between a 43 and a 44 would equate to five inches of gathered material in the chest.

After I described the rest of the fit issues she said they’d just build me a jacket off of a medium body and use my sleeve lengths. I think it would be awesome if they just took the arms off of my current jacket and stitched it onto a medium body 🙂

She was also concerned about the knee armor placement. She said they may have to move the thigh armor up as well, and that would require sending the pants back. I am going to try to see what I can do before I send the stuff back tomorrow, I’d really like to keep the pants as a birthday consolation prize to myself. Otherwise it’s going to be a two week turnaround + ship time (probably a month by my estimation).

I asked about the pant-jacket zipper, and they really downplayed the usefulness of it. Perhaps a properly-sized jacket would keep it from moving up and down so much, but I think zipping the jacket to the pants would help also.

I requested the gloves in size large and asked them to bill my CC and cross-ship the new pair out right away. She waived shipping, which I thought was nice.

Hopefully all is well that ends well. I think they are just busy over there, which may account for the order mishaps with myself and my friend. They told her to binder-clip all of the places they need to alter and send it back.

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  1. I posted in another spot on your blog but wanted to come right here to this post. I came across it FIRST when I googled Motoport Kevlar Jacket this was the top hit on my laptop. TOP HIT….Now I have to say up front that I am a very satisfied customer with a perfect experience with Motoport. I think that to those reading this that what Dr. Falken went through is the small minority of what Motoport produces. So this one little blog is read by zillions of potential customers. Motoport is a small one man operation. I can say again that I am very happy with my Ultra II mesh jacket and pants. On a scale of 1 to 100, I give my jacket and pants a 101. If your considering buying from Wayne-do not hesitate to buy from them.