By November 7, 2012

Movember Prostate Cancer Awareness Contest

At this stage of my life, everyone I know has either directly lost someone to cancer, or knows someone who has. Everyone. Every. Last. One of us.

Every November there is a large event to raise awareness (and research money) for prostate cancer. Called “Movember,” participants are encouraged to not shave for a month.

For some guys, this is a really big deal — maybe they aren’t used to growing facial hair, or maybe they can’t. As someone who can grow quite a warrior beard, seeing some fellows embarrass themselves for a month with patchy beards is a testament to how dedicated they are to the cause.

For another participant, Movember is not so much about growing, but about removing something epic.

This is my pal BigDubb. His grandfather died because of prostate cancer. As you can tell by this photo, BigDubb already has a rather pronounced mustache. For Movember he’s growing out some other facial hair, but he’s already reached the endgame when it comes to above the lip manscaping.

BigDubb’s mustache gets a lot of attention, from people we pass on the street to a third-generation barber who used to quality test razor blades.

So when BigDubb means to cut off this most handlebar-y of handlebar mustaches, he means business.

Please support my pal by donating what you can at his MoBro page. Your donation is tax deductible where allowed by law.

In addition, I will match any single donation made by a Gibberish reader selected at random up to $500. Here’s how it will work:

  1. Make a donation on BigDubb’s MoBro page. Donations must be made after Wednesday, November 7 2012 but before November 29, 2012. I know some folks who have already donated, but do it again to qualify 😉
  2. Notify me with your donation amount. Either post that you donated here, or email me with the amount. I don’t need your real name, but in order to match the winning donation I need to know how much cheddar you put down.
  3. On November 30, 2012 BigDubb will generate a random number via I will contribute the same amount as the comment that matches the number. The winning comment must have a donation amount. If it does not, we will declare the next comment with a donation amount the winner. In the event of email notifications, we will add them to the end of the count in the order in which they were received.

Please open up your wallets to a good cause, and remember: it always feels good to punch cancer in the pee-hole.

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2 Comments on "Movember Prostate Cancer Awareness Contest"

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  1. BigDubb says:

    Dr. Faulken,

    Wow, I am quite floored at your act of kindness. You are a true friend and I am lucky and proud to call you that. I hope the pairing of your awesome words and my mustache we can help raise some great money to raise awareness, and hopefully find a cure for male cancers. I’m going to pepper this across the interwebs.


  2. DrFaulken says:

    BigDubb just received an offer from someone offering to also match the winning donation. They will remain anonymous, but you could turn every dollar you donate to three!