By September 12, 2007

My 360 has a blog of its own

This isn’t going to be news to anyone who owns an Xbox 360 already, but since I’m a recent 360 owner you’re going to read about it anyway. 360voice takes each player’s publicly viewable gamer card and turns it into a blog. You can not only see what your friends played most recently (which the 360 default gamer card already shows), but allows you to observe gaming and achievement habits over time. It also displays my longest consecutive gaming streak — seven days — as well as how I rank against other gamers. As you can see from my activity I’ve been playing a lot of Xbox Live Arcade games, such as Catan and Aegis Wing. I’ve also been playing a lot of Lost Planet, one of my current rentals from GameFly.

Here’s a particularly gushing entry:

We played games yesterday… No really… I have proof! DrFaulken might have told you otherwise, but we really did. 865 points of total gamerscore means we are teh awes0me! That is an increase of 30 points over last time! He played LOST PLANET, Catan acquiring 1 achievement, Aegis Wing finishing 2 achievements, and then it felt like he threw my controller and I was like, TAKE IT EASY SHEESH and we stopped.

I am not sure if my 360’s blog will be of any long term interest, but for now it’s an interesting way for me to reflect on what I’ve been playing. I didn’t think I was playing so much Forza 2 until I saw it was ranked #1 amongst all of the games so far. I wish there was an easier way to compare my gaming history against my friends; that’s one big advantage the native Microsoft implementation has over 360voice. For now, I enjoy reading my 360 pine away for me to play with it.

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  1. Agreschn says: – my whiny 360 as well – the Ars Technica leaderboard. Good place to grab Gamertags and just check out what people are playing – for setting up co-op achievement attempts between Arsians – Microsoft Points Converter – find out how much you’re actually paying for those XBLA games… or not. 😉 – for all Official announcements regarding the 360, Major Nelson will usually hav it first. If he doesn’t, then he’ll confirm it or put rumours to rest (sometimes).

    Anyhoo, those are pretty much all the links I have tagged for 360 in

    Are you going to do a review of the 360 at some point, DrFaulken? I’m wondering how many STFUs it rates!