By June 18, 2008

My crystal ball’s a little blurry: reviewing my predictions for 2007

About seventeen months ago, I posted my predictions for 2007. This post was so memorable that I complete fucking forgot about it until I found it searching for when I adopted my dog Rosie.

Let’s recap my predictions, and see if they actually came true in 2007.

  1. The United States will go to war with Iran. There is too much saber-rattling on behalf of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for George W. to let slide. I’m not belittling the casualties in Iraq, but we’ll see more war-like casualty numbers if we tangle with Iran. At this point, I’d much rather support a war in Iran than one in Iraq.

    Not true. At least, not that anyone is willing to admit.

  2. I will divest myself of Inara, my Pontiac Solstice. I would have ditched her sooner, but the wintertime is the wrong time to sell a convertible.

    True. And thank goodness. I was thinking about this the other day, and the Solstice was by far the worst-built car I have ever owned (and I have owned eleven thus far).

  3. I will get laid off in June. Re-employment options include hit man or coffee shop manager. Maybe both.

    True … sort of. I was laid off in late October. I am not yet a hit man nor a coffee shop manager.

  4. The AD&D campaign played at my house will dissolve as The Proto-Lawyer™ graduates and moves up to Northern Virginia to live with The Accountant™.


  5. A major repair for the house. I am strongly leaning towards water heater failure. The poor thing is almost fifteen years old.

    False. I didn’t have anything major happen to the house, except some siding is starting to rot on the backside of the house.

Three out of five isn’t bad. 🙂 Admittedly, the one about Iran was a longshot, and I already knew I wanted to get rid of Inara. Any predictions for 2008? No, not this year. Besides, I’d be cheating with the year halfway done, right?

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