By October 6, 2006

My favorite squids

I see all sorts of asshat motorcyclists along the main road where I live. I would regularly see a young couple on a literbike wearing helmets, tank tops, shorts and flip flops. They were my favorite squids, because the only thing they could have done to make it worse was put the girl in a bikini. Good luck if you ever fall off that bike, sweets.

They were my favorites, that is, until I saw this mother and son combo on the back of a speeding Harley yesterday:

The door of my Solstice blocks it, but they were wearing sneakers. She had athletic shorts on; I am not sure if they were going to the gym or not. As you can see, they have about as much protective gear on as a wet piece of toilet paper. I’m upgrading them to favorite squids because at least with the literbike they were two consenting adults. The boy on the back probably doesn’t know what would happen to him if he fell of and skidded along the pavement for sixty feet.

Good job, mom.

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  1. Mike says:

    Yeah, not sure they’re heading to the gym.

    Saw quite a few motorcyclists in Florida going 65+ without helmets wearing nothing more than these two. Made me nauseous just thinking about the smear they’d make.

  2. This woman is a genius.

    pavement-based liposuction (or liposcraping):
    Fat is rubbed away/liquefied.
    Skin flaps are gathered up and grafted back on, all funded by insurance.

    Voila! Thousands in lipo for free.

    /why am i in this handbasket