By March 6, 2006

My gal sucks better than yours

My Dyson, I mean. Well, at least in theory. I’d like to pit Monica against other vacuum cleaners in my house, against the pure shedding-iffic onslaught of two humans and two dogs. So, I’ll need a few things before I begin: most importantly, I need some vacuums to test against. If you’re in the Richmond/DC metro area and can do without your vac for at least a week, let me know. The other thing I need help with is my ideas on how to test the vacs against each other.

The environment
In order to standardize the testing environment as much as possible, I will run each vac completely through my house once a week. Hopefully this will allow enough time to pass to generate a similar amount of “stuff.” I realize that things like rain, mud, extra folks over, etc may throw the environment out of whack, but this is the best I’ve come up with.

The test
Downstairs, upstairs, once a week, on the same day each week at about the same time. I’ll sweep the whole house with one vacuum at a time. My route consists of the kitchen, dining room, living room, stairs, upstairs hallway, office, master and guest bedrooms. There’s a nice mix of hardwood and carpeted surfaces (including a jute rug), and the stairs allow me to test out the wand capabilities of each vac. I will not empty the bag/cannister of any vac until I’m through with my route.

The judgment
Instead of dumping the results on my floor and eyeballing it, I’d like to weigh the cannister/bag of the vac before and after sweeping. The problem with this method is that I don’t have a scale, and a human-weighing scale probably isn’t granular enough to really get a good measurement. I guess I could buy a food scale and then empty the contents onto the scale.

Help me to help you
So, am I leaving anything out? Is there a better method for determining the amount of junk sucked up by the vacs?

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