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My Magic 8-ball and 2009 predictions

I didn’t make predictions last year (although I did it in 2006 and 2007), but I thought it would be worth giving it a run this year. I asked the Magic 8-ball page at Purdue five questions, and I totally believe its predictions are just as valid as the ones I made two years ago. 😉

Here goes.

Q: Will I change jobs at least once in 2009?
A: Absolutely! – this is highly probable, starting as soon as next Monday, the 5th. My employer is going to hammer-dunk 1500 workers. My field is typically considered a luxury and a red-headed stepchild. Even if I don’t get laid off, we may be re-organized into another part of the company. The only thing that is constant is change.

Q: Will I move out of Richmond in 2009?
A: Outlook not so good – another probable result, but the reasons for this could vary greatly. Maybe I don’t lose my job; maybe I lose my job and find another one here, maybe I get killed in the zombie apocalypse. Speaking of ….

Q: Will there be a major disruption of services or cataclysmic event in 2009?
A: My sources say no – well, that’s reassuring. I am stocking up on sundries and ammunition anyway. Look for a newbie’s perspective on pressure canning sometime this month.

Q: Will there be a major change to my relationship status?
A: Yes – hey, that’s good news, right? Maybe … apparently I haven’t watched enough Supernatural or read enough fiction in dealing with fortune tellers. I didn’t ask what that change would be, just if there would be a change. Stupid bastard. At least I remembered that silver kills werewolves.

Q: Will Betrayal at the House on the Hill get reprinted in 2009?
A: Outlook not so good – damn …. This answer is probably correct; Betrayal’s publisher Avalon Hill is trying to reduce its number of titles. Betrayal has a LOT of pieces and is somewhat complicated. I can imagine it not being reprinted. My copy went to a good home this holiday, and I wouldn’t mind owning it again. Look forward to some new games and game reviews in 2009, though!!

Here’s a game: go to the Magic 8-ball page and ask it a question. Report back here with your question and the answer, and if you think the 8-ball’s answer is legit.

May all of your 2009 wishes come true!

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  1. Mr Scott says:

    I decided to be bold… “Will I die during the next 362 days?” The 8-Ball says “Definitely”.

    Well… I DO eat whatever I want… I drive a two-seat convertible on roads filled with full-size pickups… this summer I encountered a gator while jogging… maybe the 8-Ball has a point. 🙂