By September 22, 2008

My Web host has been down.

DreamHost, my usually awesome Web hosting company, has been down for most of the day. Apparently one of their network backbones suffered some sort of disruption. Access to Gibberish has been intermittent or completely down for the last sixteen hours.

As much as I love DreamHost, does anyone know of a good Web hosting company that has built-in support for WordPress and Gallery 2?

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  1. BushPutin says:

    Umm…don’t know what you are paying, but perhaps a dedicated server would be best, yeah?

    hostrocket comes to mind…


  2. drfaulken says:

    I am using Dreamhost’s virtual private server service. I pay about $33/mo.

    I’ll check out hostrocket.

  3. BushPutin says:

    Pretty sure there are some deals out there that would be comparable and allow you to have a dedicated server (which, in my opinion, is always better).

    But, I could be wrong.


  4. Configures says:

    Over a year ago, a friend of a friend recommended “If you’re just looking for stable webhosting, I’m quite pleased with my new provider, Site5. Multiple email addresses, FTP/SCP access, SSH shell access if you request it, nice site manager application, dirt cheap ($5/month right now if you pay for 2 years up front).”