By May 19, 2006

My worst fear while riding my motorcycle caught on video

Luckily this isn’t me, but someone recently crashed into a deer on their FZ6. This is the same bike I ride, on the same type of roads I ride on. Hitting a deer, by far, is my greatest fear while riding my bike. Partly because they don’t give you much time to react and approach from areas we’re not accustomed to looking for hostiles (unlike an intersection), but also because hitting a deer on a windy country road means that I might be in a sparsely-traveled section of road, and if I was seriously hurt aid might be a long time coming.

This video is not safe for work, as the rider screams the F word at the end.

Deer vs FZ6

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  1. ca11away says:

    Wow, the guy didn’t go down? He should have been dancing for joy rather than cursing. How often does it turn out like this?

  2. drfaulken says:

    Not very often. My father, who is a volunteer search and rescue/firefighter in a small mountain town in Colorado, has already reported four motorcyclist deaths this year due to deer collisions.

    Motorcycle safety instructor legend Lawrence Grodsky was killed this April when he struck a deer on his bike.