By August 24, 2005

Nakiworld PSP Soft Case Review

In my quest for the perfect daily case for the PSP, I picked up the Nakiworld soft case for a penny from eBay. Yes, a penny. Shipping and “handling” was $8, so the case wound up being $8.01. Ha.

Anyway, here is the outside of the case:

And a shot of my PSP all snuggly inside:

The nice thing about the Nakiworld case is that it’s soft on the inside. It’s not a tight fit, so having the padded, soft service is a plus.

You can store some goodies in the top flap of the case, this seems like a good place for headphones and some memory sticks:

I took the PSP out for that shot.

This case is extremely boring, but it does get the job done. And it’s cheap. Way cheap; about as half as much as the aluminum case or the S3/Pelican case.

This will most likely be my daily use case, but seriously, it’s boring. It isn’t very drop-resistant, either. The top and bottom parts of the case are hard plastic, but that’s more to keep something from poking into the case IMO than actually protecting the PSP. I know I’m spoiled by my S3 case.

Good Points:

  • Way cheap.
  • The somewhat hard top and bottom protects against minor bumps and abrasions.
  • Extra storage space for UMDs, memory sticks, etc is welcome.

Snoozer Points:

  • Visually boring.
  • Because there is no hard casing on the sides, this case isn’t very crush/pressure resistant. If you put too many accessories in the top section, it might press down onto the screen. Even with the padded divider, I’d be afraid of screen scratches.

Despite my dogging on it for being aesthetically uninspiring, I give the Nakiworld PSP Soft Case
Three and a half out of five STFU mugs

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