By November 15, 2005


I took a (somewhat) later flight out to California this trip, which allowed me to leave the house two hours later than usual. Instead of sleeping all the way here like I normally do, I planned on writing my entry for the National Novel Writer’s Month. I picked up my nice pen that Lady Jaye gave me, flipped open my notebook, and wrote all of two dozen words before I was completely uninterested in continuing.

I feel that my story idea is feeble. While I could probably grunt out 40,000 words or whatever, it wouldn’t be anything worth sharing. And in the end, I’d rather spend my time doing other things instead of writing something I don’t think will be any good.

cymwyd made a good comment to me over IM yesterday about how some authors felt more comfortable writing short stories and some felt better writing novels. I guess if I were to do Nano next year, maybe I’d aim for a Sin City-like collection of short stories centered around a defined group of characters. As it stands now, all I have are character sketches, and they aren’t even great ones at that.

Better luck next year!

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