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Neutrogena Triple Moisture Active Soothing Shampoo review

Cutting my own hair has afforded me many advantages. I’ve spent money that would have gone to a barber on goodies. I’ve eased the world (and myself) into a receeding hairline and bald spot. I have never really worried about having “helmet head” after riding all day, nor am I particularly concerned about getting yoked around by my locks in the event of fisticuffs. I also liked not having to shampoo my hair any more; with it so short I didn’t have to worry about split ends or greasy looking hair. I just used the same soap on my skull as I did everywhere else. That’s right. Everywhere.

Anyway, the problem with using Lever 2000 on your dome is that your scalp can dry out, especially during the winter. My heater has been sucking the moisture out of my hands and my head. I knew I had a problem when Starbuck squinted at me. I thought it was the shine coming off of my forehead, but she pointed and said, “Your scalp is really dry.”

Being the vain leo that I am, I immediately went into the bathroom to check. Sure enough, flakes of skin were clinging desperately to whatever hair I had left. Nasty.

What’s a man to do? Neutrogena Triple Moisture Active Soothing shampoo to the rescue.

I bought some on Starbuck’s advice, although I was skeptical at first. I remember using Head and Shoulders as a kid, which smelled like a bottle of chemicals. I braced myself for some sort of industrial waste scent, but the Triple Moisture smells pretty good. It’s a little girly, to be honest. I figured it was better to smell a little bit like a chick than to rock skin flakes. The shampoo uses pyrithione zinc to treat dry skin and dandruff, and is also known for being antifungal and antibacterial. There is also an anti-itch agent and something that is supposed to make your hair soft. I couldn’t really test this last one because, you know, bald.

I am pretty lazy, and so I was pleased to read that I could use the Triple Moisture shampoo on a daily basis. Some scalp treatments / shampoos need to be used every other day, or on some other regular schedule I couldn’t be bothered to keep. I am already tracking when I should and shouldn’t use my Everyman Jack facial scrub. I only use about a nickle-sized amount, so the eight ounce bottle should last me a very long time.

Sweet scent and ease of use aside, does the Triple Moisture Active Soothing shampoo work? Yeah, it definitely does. After about three days I stopped flaking. I am not sure if the anti-itch kept me from stirring up any remaining flakes while the zinc worked its thing, but I am very pleased with the product.

I’m an Amazon Prime member, so the bottle cost me about $6 after shipping. You may be able to find this in a real store, but again, I’m lazy and didn’t want to go out when I could stay here and write things like this for you instead.

The Neutrogena Triple Moisture Active Soothing shampoo is highly recommended.

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6 Comments on "Neutrogena Triple Moisture Active Soothing Shampoo review"

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  1. Starbuck says:

    Well I recommended it to you because my friend, Fro, recommended it to me because I was having really bad try scalp. I figured she would be the person to go to since she is a hairstylist, among other things.

    I am glad it worked for you. I have also had success, and I like the way it smells 🙂

    FYI I swear head and shoulders smells like watermelon now. It is weird and nice at the same time 🙂

  2. Violet says:

    Hey….thanks for posting this. I’m so sad because this shampoo and conditioner is my ALL time favorite. I used to always get it from the Walgreens right by my house. Can you believe that I’ve been looking for WEEKS but all the stores either don’t have it or never carry it. I’m fuming. I used to always pay around 7 bux for each (shampoo and conditioner) I tried to order some online and I found one for 5.99 but it’s going to cost me 4.95 to ship it. Ya… ok!

    Nothing else works! I need neutrogena, I live in NJ and I’ve called up all the CVS’s and Walgreens and you name it. I don’t have dandruff, just dry scalp. I am just fed up with the flaking that’s all over. Can you please suggest something I do? Thanks

    – Violet

    My email address is [email protected]

    • drfaulken says:

      Hi Violet, unfortunately I don’t know what to tell you since I got mine from Amazon. I got a three pack, which helped soften the blow of the shipping cost. I also belong to Amazon Prime, but if you don’t buy a lot of stuff from them it probably isn’t worth it for you.

  3. Violet says:

    Thank you drfaulken for the quick reply, I’m going to keep trying with my search for my beloved Neutrogena 🙁

  4. Starbuck says:

    I haven’t checked but Ulta might have it. I know they carry it on their website.

  5. Violet says:

    Thanks starbuck…I found the shampoo on the site, but the conditioner is out of stock….grrr! It’s ALWAYS something!

    I’m going to keep trying..