By September 27, 2006

Next up, Fort Ticonderoga

I made it to Syracuse without incident or serious soreness in about eight and a half hours, not including the four small stops I made along the way. I had an hour and a half lunch/coffee break with Configuratrix, which was very pleasant. I had Thai food, and I was concerned that the choice would come back to haunt me. Luckily, I didn’t have any problems on the way up.

I managed to kill a bee on the border of Pennsylvania. I spied him on the ledge of my visor, still, hopping around and partially stunned from the impact. I flicked at him, only to discover he was inside my helmet. I watched him do his death dance, less than two inches from my face. I slowly turned my head to the right and opened up my visor, hoping the wind sheer would blow him away instead of directly onto my face. The bee flopped over on his back with his legs and stinger (the most important part) curled up. I cracked my visor and the wind carried his body onto the highway at 90MPH.

Today my stepfather and I are off to Fort Ticonderoga. It should be an easy drive through some mountain roads. I’m a little concerned about the temperature. My stepfather isn’t as well geared as I am, and it’s probably in the high forties or low fifties right now. It’s supposed to be in the high sixties by noon, and in the mid-seventies for a high. It’s just getting there that I’m worried about.

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  1. Bond says:

    Glad to read things are going well! When you get to the fort, watch out for Engins.