By February 7, 2008

Nice things about RAID failures include ….

So, my file server took a shit again. For those counting, this is my fourth home server drive failure in the last four years. At least I’m getting better at handling it. My RAID hardware controller is much better than the last one I owned, and I’m not panicking about rebuilds. I just backed up about a TB of data this weekend, so I feel pretty good about my data. I ordered a replacement drive and am going to ship the dead drive off to Samsung for a replacement. This has been the third Samsung to die on me, so I’m not even sure if it’s worth replacing.

My file server isn’t the point of this post, though. Tonight also made me realize that my new job is already sucking the soul out of me. I like being online, reading about stuff, chatting with my friends that I’ve made across both coasts. The absolute last thing I want to do after finishing up work for the day (or forcing myself to finish) is to be on-key.

I already did other stuff before this job; playing games, doing part-time at Starbucks, riding my motorcycle, whatever. But by the end of the work day I am just ready to lie about and not do a damn thing.

And this has to change, starting with Gibberish.

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  1. Ed says:

    It canbe tough at first. I had the same issues when I opened my firm. You will be able to work through it, just remember your priorities! (me)