By October 3, 2005

Night Rider

What do I have in common with David Hasselhoff? We both pilot vehicles with one headlight.

The FZ6 has a single headlight (left side of the faring, while mounted on the bike) that is on during normal operation. The bright lamp is on the right side of the fairing.

As such, when I went out on my first night time drive this evening (with Lady Jaye riding behind me as backup) I couldn’t help but notice I saw about as far forward on my bike as I did in my 1974 Super Beetle. I can’t see very far at all, even with my bright on, which I had to keep toggling off as oncoming traffic approached me. Furthermore, being somewhat even with oncoming headlights really screws up your night vision. I had to make a few touchy (to me) curves on my route.

Let me tell you, driving around on the interstate on my first day driving was about 1% as scary as driving around the windy road behind my house tonight. I felt like I was leaning over the front of my bike with a candle outstretched in my hand. I drove one twisty road circuit and met Lady Jaye in the parking lot of our favorite grocery store, where I did some U turns and a little weaving before heading out to do the twisty road again. Damn that shiz is scary. Granted, there are NO streetlights on twisty road, but I expected a lot more light from my headlamps.

On a good note, Lady Jaye said my orange reflective vest showed up like day light at the furthest extreme of her headlights. She has xenon headlights, but even so I’m glad that my vest is highly visible at such a long distance.

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