By December 4, 2006

Night-time test ride grounds Cylon for tomorrow

I am headed up to DC tomorrow on business and was hoping to take Cylon up. I even changed his oil today. The weather looked doable: sunny, high in the fifties. The downside was that I don’t like to leave the area until about 10PM or so, when traffic dies down to something manageable. That meant riding home when it was not sunny and high in the fifties.

I thought I would give myself a test ride and rode Cylon down Hull Street Road and then up onto 288 for a spin. I thought I would be good to go: wicking top, fleece vest, fleece jacket, my leather riding jacket, and then my nylon reflective vest. I had two pairs of wicking socks on, then a set of silk leggings over my wicking bottoms, with my full leather riding pants atop all of that. I even broke out my thick-ass winter riding gloves that are waterproof, Thinsulate lined, and have a wiper blade on the left index finger.

I turned my heated grips onto HIGH and motored about, with a stop for gas at the beginning. It was fucking cold. The worst parts, by far, were my toes and fingers. It was if the thick gloves were too insulated to keep the heat from the handlebars from doing anything, but not insulated enough to keep my hands warm. By the time I made a circuit and got to Starbucks I didn’t feel anything while holding my Americano mug. On the way home from Starbucks I put my normal full-gauntlet gloves on. I felt the heat this time, but my thumbs were cold after about ten minutes of riding.

I’m sure I could make it up to DC on Cylon tomorrow, but what’s the point in that much discomfort? I think I might be a little shy from my frostbite incident last year, and that was during daylight hours. Granted, my gear has improved since then, but I would be riding at much lower temperatures with no sunshiny goodness from the sun.

Sorry Cylon, I’m grounding your flight tomorrow and taking Monty instead.

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  1. Stomper says:

    Sorry to hear that Cylon is grounded. When we used to ride in the winter we put hand warmer packs (like they make for hunters and skiers) in our gloves (and shoes) depending on the temperature. My guy would put the packet on the back of his hands so that it wouldn’t interfere with his grip on the controls. They helped a lot and gave off heat for several hours. Not sure if this is the same company but their product looks a lot like what we used to get. Reminds me I should pick up a few to have in the car for winter — just in case.

  2. Those warmers look pretty cool. I have similar ones (not sure of the brand) for winter camping (for the bottom of my sleeping bag, by my feet), but I didn’t know adhesive warmers or tiny toe warmers were available now.