By October 2, 2012

Nivea Sensitive Skin Shaving Lotion Review

Shaving removes a layer (or several layers) of skin from your body. This is unavoidable and is a by-product of getting a close shave. Even if your pre-shave preparation and shaving technique helps you avoid or eliminate nicks or “razor burn,” you may still have dry itchy skin after a shave. Another culprit for dry skin is whatever shaving cream or soap you may use. As much as I love my Arko shaving stick it is a pretty harsh soap. If I’m not careful, it will suck all the moisture right out of my skin.

The common remedy for dry skin associated with shaving is an aftershave balm or lotion. Traditional “aftershave” was created to help disinfect the skin since barbers couldn’t guarantee that their straight razors were 100% sterilized. These days you (hopefully) have a cleaner shaving environment, and your primary reason for using a lotion or balm is to calm and re-hydrate your skin.

Back in July of this year I wrote about the peppermint scented post shave lotion by Every Man Jack. It smelled really, really good, but had a very thick consistency that may have clogged my pores. I decided to try Nivea’s Sensitive Skin Shaving Lotion, and I like it a lot more than the Every Man Jack product.

There are two big differences between the Nivea lotion and the Every Man Jack lotion: the Nivea product has very little scent, and it is much thinner in consistency. I don’t mind the former, and the latter makes the product easier to use. I have not had any problems with ingrown hairs since I switched to the Nivea Sensitive Skin lotion.

The thinness of the lotion can make for a slight problem when you first use the product. I would often dump out way too much lotion on my fingers at first. The hefty white glass container doesn’t help, either, as you have zero feedback on how close the lotion is to the mouth of the bottle. After time I learned to just go a little slower and not be in a rush. That’s good advice for shaving in general 🙂

The only complaint I have about the Nivea Sensitive Skin shaving lotion is the glass container. You can’t see through it, and it was hard to tell if I was running out of product. I wound up turning the bottle upside down on the square cap to get another few weeks out of it. In the end, I wound up weighing a full bottle with the more empty one. A full bottle weighed 8.2 ounces, the more empty one 5.6. According to the product information, there’s 3.3 ounces of lotion in each bottle. I extracted 2.6 ounces, and it’s a bit of a shame that I couldn’t squeeze out as much as possible like I could with the Every Man Jack bottle. Also, running back and forth to my postal scale seems like a dumb way to figure out if I need to get another bottle out of the cabinet or not.

The Nivea Sensitive Skin shaving lotion is about $5.35 per bottle delivered from Amazon Prime. I paid about $7 at Target for my first bottle to try it out. Either way, it’s pretty affordable and comparable to the Every Man Jack after shave balm.

Despite my issue with the container, I am very happy with the Nivea sensitive skin shaving lotion, and I will continue to use it. In fact, I still rub it on my skin on the rare days I don’t shave.

Strongly recommended.

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