By October 27, 2006

No surprise to anyone: Iran restarts nuke program

After not bombing the shit out of North Korea, can it be any shock that Iran has restarted their nuke program? I think my theory about the next large terrorist attack on the US is going to happen in a year or less.

This is what happens when you have a weak world government who can’t police their own laws. It reminds me of the mothers in King Farm, where we used to live. They looked the part of new-thinking mothers, all right — yoga pants, strollers with full suspensions, a half-caff iced caramel latte in one hand and a cell phone in the other. The dialog goes something like this:

Child #4: “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaawm! I want some COFFEE!
Mom: “No snookums, it’s too close to bedtime, and you’re already on your meds.”
Child #4: “It’s my BIRTHDAY!”
Mom: “…”
:Child #4 throws a bag of coffee on the ground.:
:Child #7 begins to cry in its Eddie Bauer edition hyper-stroller with knobby tires, kicking triplet Child #9 in the face.:
:Child #9 begins to cry.:
Mom: “Oh, okay sugarpop. Anything you want …. (Now just stop making a scene)”

Here’s an idea, UN. If your children get out of line, do what we did in Oklahoma. Beat them in the face with a belt buckle until they stopped. Some people react better to violence than consession. Ask France.

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