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Norelco G390 review

I’m a naturally hairy guy. We’ve covered this in some of the other grooming category entries and my 21 Percent saga. When you’re a naturally hair guy, you need an assortment of weapons to keep things manageable. Add in a request to grow a full beard, and now body hair control requirements go through the roof. Enter the Norelco G390. I purchased the G390 from Costco. The G390 is also sold as the G290 elsewhere. The Norelco is an all-in-most system for grooming. The shaver is cordless and rechargeable using the included AC adapter. The razor’s shape is easy to manage, which is good when you have it pointed at your junk. It has six attachments, from a traditional electric razor (with a nifty adjusting plastic guide) to a nose hair trimmer. It also has a few things I don’t recommend using, like the shaving foil similar to old-style electric face shavers. The kit comes with a plastic base that holds all of the attachments, plus room for the included comb and cleaning brush.

Operation is simple; one switch for on-off, and another push button to release the attachment. Cleaning is super easy. You can detach the heads and run them under the tap. No more worrying about damaging the main housing. You don’t have to oil the trimmer, which is pretty awesome. The razor sits upright in the plastic carrier to recharge, or you can plug the razor in directly to the AC adapter. More on the plastic base later.

I find myself using the traditional electric razor and plastic guide the most. I bought the G390 to use for trimming my beard; I have a barber-shop quality trimmer for my head. The G390 is more than adequate for facial hair, even when it’s squirrelly like mine and grows in a hundred directions. It sure beats snipping the hairs by hand like I used to in college, or trying to eyeball everything with a guideless electric trimmer. If trimming my beard was the G390s sole job, I’d be happy. Fortunately it can do a lot more.

Okay, listen. Things are about to get graphic. I’m going to tell you about the G390’s nose hair trimmer. Yeah, I have hair growing in my nose. Like my monobrow, that’s stuff I can’t get rid of permanently. But with the help of the G390, you can at least tame that shit. Snap the nose trimmer on and jam it up your nose. Circle around for a bit, and bam, you’re done. No more plucking (omg, the plucking, AIEEEE) or folding your nose in weird directions trying to cram the Micro Touch up in there. If you’re one of my readers with nose and ear hair problems (you know who you are), the Norelco is a pain free way of helping yourself. And the rest of us who have to look at you.

But wait, there’s more. The G390 can trim “other” areas pretty well. I still use the Micro Touch on the most sensitive parts, but you can do some larger-scale manscaping just fine with the G390. I don’t like the shaving foil attachment, it has a tendency to rip hair out instead of trimming it. Avoid.

The plastic base was nifty when I first got the G390, but now that I’ve decided what attachments I use most often the large base just takes up a lot of counter space. I have shoveled all of the unit into my drawer and just pull out whatever I need. If you have a sink all to yourself the base is probably OK, but if you’re sharing a countertop you may want to consider other storage options. I wish there was a smaller storage option, but it’s a nit-pick against an otherwise very nice product.

Aside from the platform and the shaving foil attachment, I don’t have anything bad to say about the Norelco G390. I believe I picked it up from Costco for $30, and it was well worth the price.

Norelco G390/G290 trimming kit, I trim out:
Four and a half out of five STFU mugs!
full STFU mug full STFU mug full STFU mug full STFU mug Half empty or half full STFU mug?

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