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Obama election crisis for gun owners: One of Them part two

Over three years ago I wrote an article on Gibberish about how the Clinton-era assault weapons ban prompted me to buy a semi-automatic AK-47 clone. I believe the ban on “high capacity” magazines ushered in the era of smaller semi-automatic handguns, which made pistols easier to conceal. Funny how a ban had an opposite effect back then: it prompted me to buy a firearm I had never seriously considered before and it made firearms easier to conceal. The gun ban proliferated firearms in ways previously unconsidered.

I knew going into this election that either candidate was going to erode my civil liberties. I’m not going to go into particulars here, except to say that America should be fucking ashamed of itself for nominating either of these clowns as our president.

Anyway, on to the point of this post: there is a CONSIDERABLE scare in the gun owning community that Obama is going to fuck over gun owners. He’s spoken about banning semi-automatic guns, hiking taxes on firearms and ammunition as to make it cost-prohibitive to buy things, and supporting the reinstitution of the illogical Assault Weapons Ban, except this time it will be permanent.

As a result, even though economic times are tough, I’ve had to consider buying weapons soon that I might want to own that might get banned in the next four years. The specter of “gun control” is driving me, and tens of thousands of Americans, to put more guns in more hands.

Here’s some interesting information from Classic Arms, a firearms distributor that mostly focused on historical (Curio & Relic) rifles and handguns, but sells modern weapons as well.

7.62X39 AMMO…………….361 CASES
AK 30 RD MAGS……………………………….783
AK RIFLES (ALL TYPES ) …………………….243


7.62X39 AMMO…………….1218 CASES
AK 30 RD MAGS……………………………….3855
AK RIFLES (ALL TYPES ) …………………….572

This is in addition to the hundreds of other rifles and pistols they sold during the same ten day time frame. Americans are afraid of higher prices and bans, and EVERY Internet firearms dealer is out of stock on just about EVERYTHING. I have been eyeballing a Rock Island Arms 1911 handgun for about a year, but didn’t feel compelled to pick one up. At the bottom of the 1911 barrel, the RIA were always in stock. Now I can’t find them, and a re-stock at one of my C&R dealers was sold out in less than a day.

Things are crazy. I feel like a lot of this is panic buying, but the gun owning community still remembers the ridiculous provisos of the past and is planning ahead this time.

Here’s what is on my list of “maybe I should buy it now:”

  • Kel-Tec Sub 2000. I’ve wanted one of these ever since I saw the predecessor to this version. It’s a folding carbine (rifle that shoots handgun caliber bullets). I could buy the version that shoots .40 S&W rounds in order to get some commonality with my primary carry handgun, the Glock G27.
  • Armscor/Rock Island Arms 1911. I’d probably get the Compact CS model or the bare-bones GI version.
  • Maverick 88 pump shotgun. I wrote a review about it last August. I already have a pump in the house, but with a potential Obama restriction on fixed magazine capacity it might be prudent to pick this up sooner than later.
  • Ammunition. If money were no object, I’d grab another case of 7.62x39mm ammunition, a case of .40 S&W, 9mm, and a case of tactical 12-gauge shells. At current prices, that’s about $400 or so in ammo, and I already have a decent amount here at the house. If I wind up with a 1911 in the house, that’s another case of .45 ACP to add.
  • One or two more TT-33 handguns. At $200 before shipping via my C&R license, these make good “buddy” handguns.

That’s all “legitimate” purchases and don’t contain any random wish-list stuff. All in all, post-election panic buying could cost me $2000 or more after taxes and background check fees.

Out of all of that, the only thing I would have considered pre-Obama election was the Rock Island 1911. I’ve always wanted to own a 1911 since I fired my uncle’s almost twenty years ago. The possibility of a ban or restriction has not only made me consider buying four firearms I didn’t think about a month ago, but may also put an addition two grand into the hands of an arms dealer.

GG, gun control activists!

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  1. Gremlin says:

    Quit listening to the culture of fear. This is standard scare tactic stuff. I really have no doubt that Obama would like to ban all guns, but it’s just not going to happen. It’s such an extreme left wing nut bag idea that it just won’t pass and even if it did, the Supreme court would shut it down.

    Yes, the Dems hold both houses, but the Dems that got elected are moderate, middle of the road kinda folks. It’s less scary than you might think.

  2. Mr. Scott says:

    Well, I recall when Clinton was elected there was a lot of “this is the end of gun ownership” talk, so Gremlin has something of a point.

    However, regarding left-wing nutbag ideas, note the results of the recent election. There are a LOT of left-wing nutbags out there, and they vote. A moderate, middle-of-the-road Dem will support whatever he thinks will impress his voters and keep him in office. I’ve come to accept that the NRA has to exaggerate the threat in order to get people off their butts and DOING things to mitigate that threat.

  3. Gremlin says:

    I had a nice impromptu conversation with my congress critter last night. He’s a Republican, but both of my Senators are Dems. His words, not a single problem with these two, no way will they ever vote for stronger gun legislation.

  4. drfaulken says:

    Hi there, since this post I’ve talked with some of my friends (offline and on) about this.

    I doubt that Obama/Congress will push for a ban on day one, but I think it will be easier for them to enact legislation should another gun-related tragedy occur. Another Virginia Tech incident or a strike against a government official could prompt a new bill.

    I know it’s not worth fretting about things that happened yet, and perhaps some gun owners are using this as an excuse to buy more goodies. I wound up getting the Rock Island Arms 1911, but probably would have bought one anyway. It just happened to be sooner than later.

    As an aside, I am glad that we are having this discussion, and thank you both for posting.

  5. Tommy says:

    The tax hike was something Obama proposed years ago in Chicago as a way of trying to curb gang violence. He has since said that the plan was flawed and wouldn’t have done what he intended which is why he stopped pursuing it.

    My buddy Tim sells AR’s at gun shows and he is cleaning up by selling things at regular price. The panic buying is causing people to pay sometimes double what a gun is worth. It almost seems like the rumors about Obama and gun control are coming from gun dealers.

  6. rhtufts says:

    I suspect any anti gun legislation will come after he gets reelected. He’s smart enough to know this is a hot topic for many Americans but when reelection is no longer an issue I expect him to push it hard. To make us poor simple victims “safer” of course.

  7. Gremlin says:

    Yesterday was the first day I found ammo at Wal Mart. I think things are finally starting to settle out. People remember the Assault Weapons Ban from the Clinton years. At the time I didn’t really care about that ban. I had no desire to own a so called AW. Now I can’t really even define what makes a gun an assault weapon. The best I can do is guns that would be used in an unlawful assault. Of course the chair I’m sitting in could be used in an assault as well. I understand what anti-gun politicians are trying to do. I just don’t think they’ll really accomplish their goals. Like most things on the national stage these days, it’s about the sound bite, not reality.

  8. dlg says:

    With Chairman Obama recking the economy ammo is still flying out the door. Here in St. Louis, the local Cabela’s can’t keep the stuff in stock, Wal-Mart too. Local gun shops sell defensive ammo as soon as it comes in and military ammo is hard to find as well.

    Guns are flying off the shelves and a local city Alderman says people of St. Louis SHOULD get concealed carry permits and carry. The local sheriff says he has never been as busy as he has been since Chairman Obama was elected.

    To those who say we are fear mongers, your wrong. In my life time I have never had a President work to establish socialism as Chairman Obama has or establish policies that work to undermine our economic system. Obama is content to turn America into a state controlled quazi dictatorship with a ‘civilian’ police force and ACORN thugs openly disobeying laws to further their agenda. Disarment of the populace is needed to have this control. Chairman Obama is the boogy-man our founding fathers feared.

    If you don’t see this your not paying attention.

  9. Spectre says:

    Best to seriously consider getting something now if you only thought about it before. The Obama Administration is bringing another version of the Klinton “Assault Weapons” Ban to the front of the line.