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October 2008 Georgia motorcycle trip report

As mentioned earlier, I spent four days on a motorcycle trip to see two of my friends outside of Savannah, Georgia. It’s almost five hundred highway miles, which winds up being between eight to nine hours depending on traffic, weather conditions, and the bike I’m on. My best time was on my first trip on my FZ6 because I had great weather and a very comfortable saddle.

This time I took Raider, my BMW R1150R. In theory, it should have been the best of both of my trips: the comfort of my old K1200LTE touring bike, and the mobility of Cylon. Thanks to the weather and an extremely hard seat, it was really the worst of both worlds.

But I still had a kick ass time. 😉

Here I am, looking like a douchebag outside of my home. I am wearing my Cayenne Pro textile jacket and Motoport Ultra Air II mesh kevlar pants. You can’t see my Sidi OnRoad boots or Rev’It Fahrenheit gloves. There’s a blue dry bag packed across the passenger seat on Raider. I also had the Givi top case and BMW side cases full of goodies.

First stop, at McDonald’s. I was surprised that there were few Starbucks or local coffee shops along the highway after I left Virginia. I was on I-95 the vast majority of the time. I really wanted an Americano, especially when the rain was pouring down.

Rain starts to fall. A lot. I took this outside of a filling station. I made it to Savannah after almost ten hours on the road. My butt hurt. I rewarded myself with a key lime pie from Uncle Bubba’s, co-owned by Paula Deen.

Lots of decompression; hung out with Maria_Andretti and Neal™ from Ars Technica most of Saturday. We took a really nice five mile walk on the beach and ate at one of their favorite spots. I have no recollection of what we did the rest of the day during Saturday, which was fine by me. We had dinner at another local restaurant. Did we eat dinner twice? I should have taken notes, but that would have defeated the purpose of going there to relax.

I do remember that we played a fun card game called Golf.

I really like Tybee, but on Sunday I wanted to visit Savannah some. I parked Raider downtown, which was harder than I expected. There were TONS of tourists around. I was hunting for a cafe I found on the Internet, and it was close to Paula Deen’s flagship restaurant. There were buses and shit everywhere.

I took this picture to help me remember where the fuck I parked:

This is inside the Express Cafe and Bakery, the restaurant I was searching for. The place was packed, but they had a pretty good system going on. I had the Barnard Street Club on multi-grain, which was great. Their house coffee was pretty good, too. I listened to two students from the Savannah College of Art and Design talk the talk of a new relationship. They laughed a lot and discovered cute things about each other they had in common. It made me smile, and a little sad.

I relaxed the rest of the day, read some, traversed the Internet some, gamed some. I was sad most, because I knew my reprieve was temporary.


On Monday, it was time to come home. The weather looked great, and it was in the mid-50s when I left Savannah.

I rode for about two hundred miles and stopped for another cup of coffee. Look familiar?

This was the last time I would see sun for almost twenty-four hours.

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  1. Mike Turner says:

    The R1150R hand protectors, are yours Wunderlich or BMW originals? I need to source & buy a set. I know you can get blot on deflectors to which help.
    Dorset UK

  2. drfaulken says:

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry for the late reply. I am not sure where the hand guards are from. I am the third owner of the bike. I am pretty sure they are BMW guards, but you might want to check out the R1150R forum and look for more information and alternatives.

    Cheers from the US,