By August 22, 2007

Oh hey, might want to plug that in.

So, my file server was giving me problems around the end of July. The system was rebooting randomly and was exhibiting generally weird behavior, such as not burning DVDs. I hypothesized that my power supply was underpowered and was taking a shit on me. I bought a mo’ beefy one and sure enough, everything was okay. At least, until this morning when I rebooted after a Windows Update. The Highpoint RAID BIOS software indicated my drive array was running at CRITICAL status, which means one drive has failed. Luckily I had a parity drive (RAID 5), but I wondered wtf was going wrong now, and why the drive had failed. I took the face off of my server chassis and made sure all of the SATA II drives were plugged in. Yep. I flipped the cube case around and checked the other side, where the Highpoint controller card lives. I pushed on the wires and felt something move. Damn, maybe it was a bad cable connection after all. I held my breath and powered up the server.

It turns out the drive had been disconnected since I put in my new power supply, and the array had been running at reduced capacity ever since. Since the monitoring software apparently doesn’t start up as a service, the software didn’t email me nor text my mobile phone. The array rebuild is going on right now, with an estimated total time of about eight hours. Better than a real hardware failure, but damn if I wouldn’t punch myself in the nuts if a drive really did fail while the parity drive was unplugged. :

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