By September 1, 2006

Open an older Masterlock padlock in less than three minutes with a beer can

I first learned about how to open a padlock from an old tutorial on Start there if you want to try this yourself, otherwise keep reading.

My girlfriend Lady Jaye and I messed around a few weeks ago after reading the tutorial. We were able to open one of my older Masterlock padlocks using a piece of beer can, trimmed and shaped to mimic a retail padlock shim. My other padlock (the one I’d actually forgotten the combination to and that was hugging ferociously to my gym bag) was a newer Masterlock that was shim-proof.

The way that it works is simple: older Masterlocks, and newer cheap padlocks, use a single metal ball to hold the shackle down when the padlock is locked. Force a shim inbetween the locking mechanism and POOF opens the lock.

Lady Jaye is far better at making and using the shims than I. I wondered how long it would take her to make a new shim out of a piece of aluminum and open a lock. I filmed her doing so, while I provided the dialog. Total time: 2 minutes, 28 seconds. Granted, we already cut the piece out of the can, so add another half minute or so if you are completely starting from scratch.

So, here you have it: how to open an older Masterlock padlock in less than three minutes. Contains language some may deem inappropriate for work.

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  1. Bond says:

    that was amazing!