By January 11, 2010

P90 Basic (the second time): Day 25

The holiday always throws a monkey wrench in my workout plans, and last year was no exception. We’re back on the Tony Horton home workout wagon now, and here are my thoughts after session 25 of P90 Basic by … the second time around.

It has been pretty amazing to watch Sedagive?’s progress. Any workout routine takes some adjustment time, even if you’re already in good shape. P90 is about showing up and doing the workout, even if you have to take it down a notch or two. In about two weeks, I watched Sedagive? go from having to walk during some movements in the cardio workout or doing modified movements in the strength training session to making it through the entire routine. As we creep up in our session count, she only continues to improve.

From my side of the room, the monotony is killing me already. P90 Basic has two routines at two different levels of intensity. We’re doing the beginner’s intensity right now. Unfortunately, the next intensity is a pretty big jump. It isn’t so much “intermediate” as “intermediate-advanced,” to the point where I had to mix both phases during my first go-round. I can’t wait until we get these ninety sessions under our belts so we can move on to Power Half Hour, or other more interesting programs.

Thanks to going through the other Beachbody workouts I’ve been able to increase the difficulty of the phase one sessions. For example, I hold two twenty pound dumb bells during all of the lunge exercises. I do some of the low-impact movements at the Power Half Hour intensity or difficulty. I also add more balance / core elements to some of the kicking or punching movements, like not putting my foot down on side kicks. As I noted awhile ago, the Beachbody routines are really good for your core muscles, and this has a direct impact on my motorcycling. Anything I can do to increase my stomach and back strength is super important to me.

The hardest part of the P90 Basic is just showing up. It’s easy to edge the workout off of our evening schedule, especially when we need to go to the grocery store or have company over. It’s mental, and hopefully we can continue on without too many skipped sessions.

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  1. fishsprout says:

    I was thinking about you the other day when an infomercial came on for something called “insanity” or something. I think it’s by the same people that make p90.