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P90 Home Fitness Program, halfway point

I surpassed the 45th out of 90 Beach Body P90 Home Fitness program sessions this week. I finished #48 tonight, but wanted to give my thoughts now that I am halfway through the circuit.

The P90 program is six days of training and then one day of rest. For the last two weeks I have been doing four sessions of the higher-intensity cardio and circuit training (Phase 3 and 4). The last two sessions of each week I drop down to Phase 1 and Phase 2. I found I was having some knee problems by the end of the week from over training. I am fairly young and in overall good health. I have never had a serious injury. However, the intensity and movements of the Phase 3 and Phase 4 over a six day period wear my body out. I used to squat 450 pounds while I was in Oregon; it would be embarrassing to hurt myself in my own home doing lunges or jumping jacks.

On the plus side, I have gotten a lot stronger. I was finally able to complete the “Ab Ripper 200″ portion of the Phase 3 workout without stopping. There are ten ab movements, with twenty reps each. It’s double the reps of the Phase 1 workout. As usual, the biggest bitches are the bicycles. I cheat a little by going faster than Tony leading up to the bicycles and then take a little bit extra break right before the torture begins.

I did Phase 4 tonight, and did 99 pushups, 40 lunges, and 81 squats. That’s on top of the military presses, dips, calf raises, bent-over rows, and other assorted exercises. I was only doing 40 pushups a day when I was on my own workout schedule after training with Yoda. Doing all of the P90 stuff in a forty minute workout session makes me feel pretty good.

My measurements have been good. I’ve been doing a lot of these myself and as such they are probably too varied to be accurate. However, my waistline is down to 36″ from 36.5″ on 10/30/08 and my hips are down to 36″ from 36.75.” My chest is up one inch, 43″ from 42.” I am finally developing (albeit small) pec muscles, something I have never been able to accomplish without also putting on a lot of fat.

My “mirror image” is still unsatisfactory. I am carrying too much mass around my waist. It is going to take a dietary change to make things happen. I have already cut back on eating out and hope that will help me cut a digit or two off of my body fat percentage. Otherwise I am going to have to go on an actual “diet,” and that doesn’t make me too happy. I have a plan in mind, but am going to wait for the last thirty sessions to do so. I’ll give you a hint: the last two weeks involve giving up my favorite food of all time. It rhymes with “triple cheeseburgers.”

I’m still pleased with P90. Even though I have room for improvement, I’ve been proud of the progress I’ve made thus far. The monotony is definitely setting in. Time flies when I am doing the workout, but motivating myself to start is becoming more difficult. I don’t allow myself to sit down in front of the computer until I finish my workout, for example. I’m afraid I’ll just cruise the ‘Net until bedtime otherwise.

I am also nervous about the holiday season. It’s Starbuck’s favorite time to bake yummy things, and I have low discipline when it comes to sweets. I can imagine pumpkin or pecan pie right now. Or tiramisu. Oh sweet lawdy lawd, tiramisu.

I’ll probably check back in at the #60 mark with another status report.

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  1. Starbuck says:

    HEHEHE, sorry for the baking extravaganza. I guess it doesn’t help that I am in the cake decorating class now. But I did promise you a pecan pie for thanksgiving. Just warn me when you are going to “diet” so I can keep that stuff away from you 🙂 Great Job with P90!!!

  2. fishsprout says:

    I suppose this puts an end to the motherload cakes!

    I can’t seem to stay away from all of the pumpkin cheesecake out there… mmmm.

  3. erin clare says:

    Rock on!!

    I wasn’t sure what the P90 workout regimen was like so I’m glad you posted it. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds a lot like my workouts – functional fitness…so instead of poseur gym muscles, you do a series of strength tied to cardio with different combos of movements. This maximizes your overall ability to basically do most physical activities you would want to do.

    While you may not have felt knee pains doing 450lbs squats, your knees are now forced to work in conjunction with the rest of your lower body to support your next surprise sequence movements. It seems natural that you’d be feeling some discomfort.

    Right now, because of the increased amount of shoulder work I do, I feel some discomfort in my elbows, palm of my hands and shoulders…but my form and strength are fast improving.

    And, like you, the only thing that I’m not happy with in the mirror is the waist area. It holds the most water…or in my case, wine. 🙂

    Keep on going!!! And keep posting about it!