By October 8, 2008

P90 Home Fitness Program: Week Three

Ah, yes. It’s time to shame myself into exercising more by posting images of myself on the Internet. I’m on week three of the P90 home fitness program. I started out with a week of the P90 Fat Burning Express workout, and then dove right into the regular program.

It is obvious that the P90 base program came out way before the Fat Burning Express special. The whole production lacks the polish and enthusiasm of the later Hawaiian session. There are some older-school exercises in the program, such as dumb bell flies, that are frowned upon in most workout programs today. Since the P90 base program is geared towards beginners, I was surprised to find flies and the standing single-armed French Press as part of the regime. These exercises are okay when you are both experienced and have the supporting musculature required to do these movements without injury. However, I feel that someone unsupervised and new to lifting may do more harm than good.

Tony Horton is still cute, but his showmanship and intensity is lower than in the Fat Burning Express. I grin when he says his signature lines: “we’re having some fun,” and “checking on the kids!!” but the one-off jokes have yet to materialize.

On the positive side, the P90 home fitness starter program exercises have the same adjustable levels of intensity I wrote about in my review of the Fat Burning Express. If you can’t do a particular exercise due to injury, flexibility, or just plain exhaustion, Tony demonstrates at LEAST one alternate mode for each movement.

Keep in mind I am in Phase 1/2, the first disc of the two-part set. There is a Phase 3/4 that is more intense, but I am not quite ready to take that on. Phase 1 is a cardiovascular workout that culminates in a 100-rep ab routine. Phase 2 is a strength training routine (plyometric and weights/resistance). Each session is about a half hour, although the Phase 1 is slightly longer.

I feel a lot stronger and more flexible than a month ago. My endurance is also up. I am having problems getting consistent measurements, but I look better than I did in September. More than anything, I appreciate the brevity of the sessions and the accessibility of working out at home. A few times I have been sitting on the couch watching TV or playing the Xbox 360 and thought, “I don’t want to work out tonight.” Then I realize that I’m going to sit in front of the TV for another half hour anyway, so why not work out in the meantime? I’ve only missed two days since starting the base exercise program.

Warning! It’s just me in my under-roos, so avert the eyes of children and those faint of heart.

Without further ado, here I am in my graphically furry glory.

The front



Front view. Pretty boring, although my waist/tummy area has shrunk a little.

The back



The hairymanback. Keep an eye on the love handles; they’re going away soon.

The side:

Profile. This is by far my least favorite picture. It illustrates my swayback, and my stomach makes me look like I have an internal parasite. I have lost a little more than a half inch around my belly since starting the P90 program.


Front view, in flex. All of a sudden I don’t look like such a piece of shit. My abs are covered by a layer of cuddly fat and hair. But trust me, they’re under there. I’ve finally been able to make it through the 100-rep “Ab Ripper” routine without stopping. P90 is working.

Rear view, in flex. I expect my back to get a lot more defined than this. It’s one of my lucky zones, and I should get a lot stronger in the coming eleven weeks. Even now you can see a little bit of my lat development.

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  1. Ed says:

    How does this sort of program work. What sort of equipment do you have to buy. If it is just half an hour a day, I am very interested… (got to get as cuddly as you!)

  2. Starbuck says:

    hehehe. I think the first before picture makes you look bigger than you are since you did a close up.
    Ed – I think for p90 all you need is a set of dumb bells or resistance bands, a chair for dips, and maybe a mat…The sculpt program is almost 30 minutes and the cardio/abs is about 38 minutes

  3. Nothing like pictures of yourself on the internet to get you motivated. Do your frineds and fam know about this site?

    Personally dumbell shoulder flies are one of my favorite exercises… nothing rounds out your shoulders like this movement in my opinion.

  4. I’m planning on starting a diet/exercise regimen this coming Monday. I really couldn’t start it on Jan. 1st as a New Year’s resolution, as there were too many parties/activities to deal with this weekend for me to stay faithful to a diet. Wish me luck.

  5. Mike says:

    I think if everybody seriously considering getting in shape or losing weight would start a blog, and post it before pictures on the Internet as you have done, perhaps more people would take it seriously and get some results.

    Kudos to you. The P90 program is a powerful program, with a tremendous result percentage. As long as you complete it. Good luck!

  6. Dave says:

    I started the P90 program and made it a month before a family funeral cut in and paused my progress. The ‘pause’ turned into a full stop.. and I’m so mad at myself. I lost 20 lbs on this program in 30 days (no kidding!!) and then my discipline ran away from me, put on a little dress, and skipped off into a field of daisies, leaving me feeling like a loser. Sooo, I’m jumping back on the bandwagon (even though I have ever single word and joke of the first disk memorized).

    It’s cool to see someone else go through the feeling of lack of motivation. “If you can do it, so can I!”… but you are a better man than me… and furrier!!!